Track, Swimming, Hockey, Volleyball, & Soccer Rings Available

When it comes to sports rings, there is a ring for pretty much every sport - not just the major ones.

While the majority of our orders come from football, baseball, softball and basketball, there are still many orders for track & field, swimming, hockey, wrestling, volleyball, & soccer rings. Even orders for rings for Crossfit competitions and bowling.

Sports rings can be presented to players and staff for various occasions - to acknowledge a win at a championship or tournament or to commemorate the end of a team’s season.

Examples of Sports Rings

One way to emphasize the sport on the ring is to include custom designs on the side or top of the ring with the sport's icon. Soccer rings will usually have a soccer ball on the ring, as well as hockey rings having a puck or hockey stick on them and volleyball rings having a volleyball.

Some examples of this include:

football ring

volleyball ring

Custom sports rings from Ring King have a variety of options to personalize the ring for the event and team. For example, you can:

  • Have your team’s or school’s name, or even the school’s insignia, inscribed on the face of the ring.
  • Include the name and/or the date of the specific championship or tournament won.
  • Include the player’s name, nickname, number, and/or position with the personalized ring option.
  • Include the school’s motto or a fun team saying.


About Ring King

Established in 2018, Ring King USA is an online shop providing custom sports & state championship rings for teams and sporting events. Since inception, the mission has been to provide teams and tournament organizers with affordable, quality award options for their teams. Along with a great product, Ring King staff prides themselves on great customer service, a simple ordering process, and free shipping.

Sports Ring Prices

While some places charge as much as $600 for a custom championship ring,at, we make it affordable to buy rings for the whole team and staff. 

Championship ring prices start at $4.99 for team tournament rings, plus a nominal one-time mold fee. Custom individual ring prices start at $49.99.

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